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Black Belt Systems Administration: Don't block with your face

One of the Masters (6th Dan) at my Tae Kwon Do school, Master Robert Gross, has developed his _Ten Commandments of Martial Arts_. He has very graciously permitted me to use the first of his commandments, "Thou shalt not block with thy face" for one of my _Black Belt Systems Administration_ topics. The first corollary for this is "Don't drop your arms". From a martial arts viewpoint, this is pretty easy to understand. Your arms are used to block attacks. Your head is vital, if you get hit there, you are much more likely to loose.

Black Belt Systems Administration: A Punch is Just a Punch

I've been posting some of my Tae Kwon Do belt test thesis papers to my blog, and for some reason they seem to be fairly popular. I've had an idea to start a series of posts that tie some of our martial arts lessons/philosophy to systems administration. I'm not a black belt (yet), I just got my green belt (6th Gup) on July 20th, but I don't think anyone will send the Ninja squads after me for titling this series "Black Belt Systems Administration".

Black Belt Systems Administration: Embrace Your Limits

Systems administrators are magical wizards that know everything and can make computers sing, dance, and do various other parlor tricks. As someone who carries the title, everyone assumes you can do the same. Whether it is a brand new application that no one has ever seen before, a telephone system that has nothing to do with computers, or a very old server running an OS where the vendor went out of business in the last century, you're a systems administrator, you know all about it. And, for one of a various hundred or so possible reasons, you are afraid to let that image falter.

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