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Stephen P. Potter
169 Royal Farm East
Blacklick, OH 43004
(614) 864-9947


  1. Masters of Business Administration Degree with a focus on business finance.
  2. Extensive experience with technology strategy and standards development.
  3. Experienced as an engineering and project manager, including HR functions.
  4. Established experience training and mentoring users, administrators, and management in such topics as: Unix/Linux, Unix/Linux Administration, Unix/Linux Services, Drupal Content Management System, and Perl Programming.
  5. Fifteen years experience designing and administering large scale, heterogeneous Unix systems across multiple work environments such as academics, development, financial, and manufacturing.
  6. Experience with many major enterprise Unix variants: Solaris, Linux, AIX, HPUX.
  7. Extensive experience and detailed, protocol level knowledge of major Unix and TCP/IP services: NFS, NIS, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, DNS, installations, automation, user management, backups, performance tuning, RAID, high availability.
  8. Experienced with software services and languages including Perl, Bourne shell, "C" shell, Korn shell, PHP, CGI, H/P OpenView.
  9. Emphasis and specialty in system performance monitoring, tuning, and optimization.
  10. 1st Dan Black Belt, Moogong Ryu Taekwondo, with experience training students from age 2 through 70 in martial arts and Kimoodo healing arts


Oriental Martial Arts College: 12/2008 - present

Little Tiger Instructor, Tae kwon do Assistant Instructor, Kimoodo Instructor, Director of Online Services

For the Oriental Martial Arts College, I am one of four primary instructors for the "Little Tigers" program (students aged 2 through 6), one of two recommended instructors for the Kimoodo Healing Arts program, and an assistant instructor for the Tae kwon do program.

I also serve as the Director of OMAC's Online Services. In this capacity, I have been responsible for modernizing the and web services. For, I redeveloped an outdated site from a FrontPage-based site to a Drupal (Open Source CMS) site. This redesign has improved site maintainability, site capabilities, user friendliness, and search engine optimization (Google first page for all relevant keywords). From an average of less than 20 visitors per week in September, the new site has reached and average of 145 visitors per week in December. This has resulted in almost 1% of all new visitors requesting additional information regarding the school (approximately 2-3 new requests per week).

JP Morgan Chase: 11/2004 - present

Lead, Infrastructure Build Optimization (09/2009 -)

As the lead of the Infrastructure Build Optimization initiative, I am responsible for improving the time to completion and repeatability of the service infrastructure build process across all platform architectures. This involves driving the development and adoption of consistent processes, partnering with service providers to modify builds and delivery processes, and driving the conversion of manual processes to automated and self service tools. The major accomplishments during my first quarter of this endeavor have been to convert a manual host name generation process to an automated tool reducing turn around time from up to 48 hours to seconds and completely removing the possibility of duplicate names being assigned, and the standardization of KEON authentication design and implementation reducing system implementation time by up to two weeks.

Manager, Unix Implementation CT&R/BAI (01/2008 - 09/2009)

As the CT&R/BAI Unix Implementation manager, I developed and directed a globally dispersed team of between 8 and 14 highly-skilled employee and contract engineers responsible for infrastructure design and implementation of heterogeneous, multi-technology Unix systems for the various Corporate Technology, Risk, and Business Services lines of business customer requirements worldwide. During my time as manager, I was responsible for determining the location strategy for my team, recruiting and hiring local and offshore (India and South America) resources, integrating workload of resources from non-strategic locations, managing resources and schedules to provide "local time" coverage of projects, and handling projects escalations. The location strategy enabled our team to reduce permanent staff size by 33% and reduce personnel-related salary and expenses from $1.25m to approximately $700k. I also served as technical backup and escalation for my team, working with Sun/Solaris 10 (ZFS, zones, LDoms, T- and M- series servers), Linux (RHEL 4/RHEL5 running on HP DL-series and/or VMware). I was personally requested by the CT&R iCTO to rescue the Code of Conduct project which was in danger of of having the contract developers/administrators walk out and forcing the 2008 Affirmations to fail. I was able to work with the developers and the end customer team (including the Corporate Secretary) to bring the project back on track, stabilize the aging technology infrastructure, and ensure the Affirmation were completed successfully. Due to my efforts, the project was able to transition the development and administration workload to internal resources, saving the corporation approximately $600k per year.

Global Product Manager (04/2005 - 12/2007)

As the Global Product Manager for Solaris technologies, my team and I were responsible for defining and maintaining the strategic direction and standards for Solaris technologies across the global organization. I worked directly with the various internal lines of business to educate them on the standards and benefits of the technology, sell and promote the technologies, and integrate their feedback and requirements into our product offering. I defined multi-year roadmaps, directed the various engineering organizations to achieve the roadmap milestones, and worked with the financial organization to manage a global spend of approximately $100 million.

Sr. Engineering Manager (11/2004 - 07/2005)

As a senior engineering manager, I was responsible for a team of senior UNIX engineers that designed and maintained the standard builds, certified new hardware, operating systems, and infrastructure tools. My team was also responsible for the management of the bank's automated build environment (Jumpstart, Kickstart, and NIM servers).

Bank One Corporation: 12/2001 - 11/2004

Open System Engineer, Senior II; Acting Manager of Unix Implementation Engineering

As acting manager of Unix Implementation Engineering, I was responsible for developing and managing a staff of senior level engineers and consultants deploying complex technical environments for line of business customers. Human resource responsibilities included determining staffing requirements, all aspects of the hiring process (interfacing with recruiters, interviewing and evaluating candidates, candidate placement and salary determination and negotiation), acting as technical mentor, and creating staff improvement and development plans. Responsibilities also included developing and implementing industry standard best practices, ensuring proper resource utilization on projects, dealing with project escalations, conflict resolution, and third tier technical support.

Information Control Corporation: 3/2000 - 12/2001

Unix Systems Administration Consultant and Technical Review Team Member

My clients include:

  • Sterling Commerce - Project Engineer
    • Responsible for all phases of a large scale PeopleSoft environment deployment, including system design, specification, purchasing, and implementation.
    • Architected and engineered an environmental technology refresh and server consolidation to reduce the environment from seven different operating systems and fifteen different architectures to five of each.
    • Redeveloped a remote Veritas NetBackup environment which was completely non-functional. The redesign enabled all backups to successfully complete within the allotted eight hour time window.
  • Qwest Communications - Project Engineer
    • Designed, specified, installed and configured highly available enterprise systems (E420R and E4500) running Solaris 2.6, 7, and 8, Veritas Volume Manager, File System, Cluster Server, and EMC Symmetrix disk arrays. These environments were used for both internal telecommunications network monitoring as well as external, customer facing e-commerce and B2B systems.
    • Designed system hardware, operating system, and software standards utilizing multi-location Solaris JumpStart environment as the delivery mechanism, resulting in a more maintainable, efficient, and available environment.
    • Developed documentation and tools for specifying systems to reduce misconfigured systems and increase standardization.
    • Served as third level support and provided architectural direction for inter-company, enterprise-wide projects.
    • Mentored team members in UNIX Systems Administration concepts.

Collective Technologies: 6/1995 - 3/2000

Unix Systems Management Consultant and Site Lead with Collective Technologies. As a member of Collective Technologies for four and a half years, starting as a Junior Consultant and working my way through several different offices and positions. Responsible for the leadership of 10 consultants based in the Central Ohio district.

For Collective Technologies, I was responsible for:

  • Marketed Collective Technologies services, established several long-term accounts which have yielded extensive growth and positions for over a dozen members.
  • First member in the Central Ohio district, which eventually encompassed nineteen consultants and the first district office in the Midwest region.
  • Designed technical telephone interviewing process. Lead interview training team of 15 members.
  • Primarily responsible for establishment of corporate publishing policy. Lead corporate publications work group, which encourages and assists members in developing presentation and journalistic skills.

My clients included AT&T Solutions for Bank One Corporation, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation, Web Street Securities, Lucent Technologies, IBM/Tivoli for Chrysler, Telco Corporation, America Online, Mobil, and AMP:

  • Served as a senior technical lead for the Enterprise Access Group which is responsible for all Internet and extranet connectivity for the One Group family of businesses, with particular project liaison responsibility for Commercial Banking Group.
  • Managed the roll out of all UNIX services at a redundant fail over site in Chicago.
  • Worked to establish business partner connections utilizing WAN connections and CISCO routers.
  • Developed and implemented standard system environments on all UNIX servers.
  • Maintained and troubleshot connectivity issues including CISCO and Bay routers and switches, Sun SPF200 and Checkpoint Firewall-1 Firewall systems, and Netscape proxy servers.
  • Served as Senior Technical Advisor and Project Manager for the Unix Operations Group. Responsible for specifications and purchasing of several million dollars worth of SUN hardware and software.
  • Researched, evaluated, designed, and recommended a state of the art development environment utilizing UltraSPARC based servers and greater than one terabyte of EMC RAID enclosures.
  • Designed, recommended, and implemented division wide DNS, NIS, and NFS services and servers.
  • Lead team that designed look-and-feel of, and implemented, Intranet Web site, tools, and applications.
  • Performed and automated advanced system monitoring, analysis, and tuning, in order to stabilize systems, increase availability metrics and service levels, and optimize system performance.
  • Installed, upgraded, and maintained Netscape Commerce and Directory, mail and firewall server and systems.
  • Increased network performance and reliability by migrating from a half-duplex, 10baseT network to full-duplex, 100baseT network.
  • Maintained a client base of 500 Sun Systems, 15 servers, and 1000 users in multiple locations across several states.
  • Designed, planned, and executed a long-term LAN conversion merging multiple Unix environments into a single environment, improving overall system and network reliability and performance, while simplifying and minimizing administrative task load.
  • Assisted in deployment of two ITC RAID servers running Digital UNIX.
  • Developed cross-platform auto deployment Tivoli scripts in Perl.
  • Designed, wrote, and delivered introductory perl class to corporate development staff.
  • Led, developed, deployed, and served as technical expert for Solaris migration utilizing JumpStart servers to migrate legacy systems from SunOS 4.1.x to Solaris 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
  • Maintained financial software and market feeds.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained CAD/CAM packages, corporate web servers, HP/OpenView network management tools, and served as subject matter expert for printing administration.

My previous employers:

Varimetrix Corporation: 9/1994 - 6/1995
The University of Florida, Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering: 8/1992 - 9/1994
Mission Research Corporation: 5/1990 - 9/1990
Wright State University, Computing Services: 1/1990 - 9/1990

Publications and Professional Development

  1. Co-Author, O'Reilly and Associates "Programming Perl, Second Edition"
  2. Contributing Author, Syngress Publishing "Solaris 8 Certification Study Guide"
  3. Contributing Author, Syngress Publishing "Solaris 9 Certification Study Guide"
  4. Technical Review/Editor:
    • Unix Backup and Recovery, O'Reilly and Associates
    • Perl, How To Program, Prentice Hall
    • A Little Book on Perl, Prentice Hall
    • Using SANs and NAS, O'Reilly and Associates
  5. ;login: magazine trip reports on LISA '97.
  6. ;login: magazine review of Learning Perl, Second Edition January, 1998.

Masters of Business Administration with Business Finance Focus, Franklin University, Columbus, OH (2006)
Bachelors of Business Administration, Franklin University, Columbus, OH (2006)
1st Dan Black Belt, Moogong Ryu Taekwondo, Oriental Martial Arts College, Columbus, OH (2010)

Past Treasurer and Founding Board of Directors, LOPSA - The League of Professional System Administrators (2005 - 2009)
Past Open Solaris Developer with Multiple Accepted Code Put-backs
Certified Solaris System, Network, and Security Administrator for Solaris 9
RedHat Certified Engineer, RHCE #809003483609060 (expired)
Certified Solaris System Administrator for Solaris 2.6
Internationally recognized expert in Perl Programming Language.
Past multi-year maintainer of the Perl Frequently Asked Questions List.


Located in the Columbus, Ohio area. At this point, I am not looking to relocate outside of the Central Ohio region.