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Stephen Potter is a globally recognized leader in UNIX systems administration and the Perl programming language. I have over 15 years of systems administration and Perl experience, consulting for and working with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. My previous clients have included such notable names as:

* AMP Incorporated
* AOL/Time Warner
* AT&T Solutions for Bank One Corporation
* Bank One/JP Morgan Chase
* Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation
* Lucent Technologies
* Mobil Energy, Global Financial Markets
* Qwest Communications
* Sterling Commerce
* Telco Systems
* Tivoli Professional Services for Daimler-Chrysler
* Web Street Securities

I am well regarded in the technical publishing industry. I have co-authored two books, "Programming Perl, Second Edition" for O'Reilly & Associates, and "Sun Certified Solaris 8 Administrator Study Guide" for Syngress Media. I have also served as technical advisor and editor for several other UNIX and Perl books.

In 2007, I started studying martial arts, particularly Taekwondo and Kimoodo. Over the past year, I have progressed through 4th Geup in both disciplines, will achieve 3rd Geup in April of 2009, and should receive my 1st Dan Black Belt by midyear 2010.