Grandmaster Choi Announces New Kimoodo Requirements

Printer-friendly versionGradnmaster Choi is set to start teaching new, high level requirements for advanced Kimoodo belts. Master Choi announced that the traditional "Mooshim In" (continuous movement in four directions) will be renamed "Mooshim In B" and a new "Mooshim In A" (continuous movement in one direction) will be added to some of the earlier belts. Additionally, "Mooshim Jang" will be referred to as "Mooshim Jang Chun" to differentiate from "Mooshim Jang Ji" and "Mooshim Jang In A" and "Mooshim Jang In B". For 2ndd geup (navy/stripe belt), Master Choi will be requiring: * Mooshim Jang Ji * Mooshim Jang In A * Mooshim Jang In B * Innae Gong Ji * Innae Gong In A * Innae Gong In B For 1st geup (black/white stripe belt), Master Choi will be requiring: * Innae Gong Jang