Assault Resistance Training in Columbus, Oh

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The recent acts of aggression towards women by the "Northwest Serial Rapist" are a striking example of the personal danger in which unsuspecting women may find themselves. Domestic assault, robbery, mugging, and date rape are also far too common. Most women feel it will never happen to them and other women feel they will deal with it if it happens. Fortunately, with a little training and increased awareness, you can take control of your own safety.

Women are often targets because assailants believe women are incapable of defending themselves. Too many women feel the same way. By understanding the attacker's mentality, you can learn to identify and avoid the signs that can make you an attractive target. Knowing a few basic self defense techniques will help you to feel confident and will make you capable of protecting yourself.

Knowing you can avoid, defend, escape or control an attack will boost your self confidence. Enhanced self-confidence can translate to improvement of other aspects of your life as well. NOW is the time to take control! Our highly qualified martial arts instructors, led by Sr. Grand Master Joon Pyo Choi (9th Degree Taekwondo Blackbelt), can teach you basic self defense techniques in only a few hours of instruction.

As a community service, OMAC, The Oriental Martial Arts College, is offering our Assault Resistance Training (A.R.T.) Level 1 (Introductory) program, a $100 value, free of charge. Classes are now forming to start January 10, 2009 at our Reynoldsburg, Northeast, Worthington, Dublin, and Hilliard schools. For more information, please see or call our main school in Reynoldsburg at 614-864-4000.