Moo Do - Martial Arts, The Art of Stopping Fighting

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Martial arts, such as Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, and others have evolved over hundreds or thousands of years from holistic lifestyles that encompass far more than just the ability to fight. Most martial arts draw heavily from the teaching of Buddha, Lao Tzu (Taoism), and Confucius, none of which devoted significant effort towards matters of war. Even Sun Tzu, the great author of the "Art of War" recognized that the ultimate strategy to win a war is to not fight

The words for martial arts -- some are __moodo__, __budo__, and __wushu__ -- are all made from similar base characters. In traditional Chinese writing, the characters for martial arts derive from the characters for __way__, __sword__, and __stop__, or "the way to stop the sword". Jet Li, currently one of the worlds foremost martial artists, teaches "to beat up an enemy is easy; to change them into a friend is hard."

Martial arts teach us first and foremost self-control, confidence, and discipline. By teaching us of our potential for destruction, we begin to develop an inner awareness that helps us understand our need to control that destruction. Moodo in stopping fighting means to render an opponent incapable of harm in the most efficient and economical way possible; whether by walking away from a fight, delaying a fight, redirecting the opponent, or disabling an opponent.

Bruce Lee, in "Enter the Dragon", described his style as "the art of fighting without fighting", and throughout the movie demonstrated examples of all ways to stop fighting. In one scene, he told an opponent "no" and "later", walk away and delay. In another scene, he tossed a cobra into a room with a guard, causing the guard to run away. Eventually, he was forced to fight - and quickly kill - opponents.

I find that to stop fighting more often means to stop fighting myself, rather than to stop someone else from fighting. I am often in conflict with myself over things I need to do but don't want to do. This conflict can sometimes spill over and be misdirected at others. Over the years, I have built up fear to having certain parts of my body hurt - particularly my legs and feet. My mind fights with my body to not pull my kicks.

Through the practices of martial arts - through __moog nyum__, and __moo shim__, we learn to stop fighting ourselves and be peaceful. This peace enables us to stop other from fighting, by being a calming presence first and falling back to our fighting skills only when necessary.