Ki Ahp - Shout with Concentration

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Kiahp according to a variety of sources breaks down into two words: Ki for energy or spirit and Ahp which is variously described as to gather or to show movement. In other words it can mean either gathering energy or moving the spirit. In fact, the kiahp serves several purposes all of which relate to gathering energy or moving the spirit. At a primal level, like a lions roar, the kiahp can intimidate or frighten an opponent and break their concentration. At a basic physiological level, it promotes proper breathing, increases energy, and tightens the stomach muscles allowing one to absorb strikes and blows. At a psychological level, it helps to develop spiritual strength, increase confidence, and block fear through concentration and increased power.

At a primal level, the kiahp can move (weaken) an opponents spirit. Like a lion roaring at a prey, it can intimidate or frighten an opponent. When the opponent is intimidated, they may be less sure of their abilities, and may be easier to defeat. Even if it does not specifically frighten them, it may surprise them, confuse them, and break their concentration. Just like yelling boo in a haunted house, an opponent may involuntarily flinch and pull an attack or drop a defense and allow your attack to succeed.

A properly executed kiahp, like a proper singing voice, will come from the diaphragm rather than from the chest or vocal cords. This pushing of the diaphragm will promote deep breathing and force carbon dioxide out of the lungs, allowing them to be filled with oxygen on the next breath. This will increase the energy provided to the body and the muscles. When the stomach tightens, it is moving inwards away from the direction attacks will be coming from, and better absorbs the attack without having the wind knocked out.

At a higher, more psychological level, the kiahp helps you to develop spiritual strength. It allows you to move your own spirit to increase your confidence and concentration. This concentration and confidence will have a multiplicative effect on your power. It will also serve to block out any fear or insecurity that you may be feeling.

Shouts, yells, and sounds are used in a variety of sports. A football lineman grunts and growls at the opposite line mostly to intimidate. A weightlifter or tennis player grunts to provide additional energy to their lift or swing. A fencer will slap their foot on the ground to distract their opponent. However, it is only in martial arts that all of the uses of the kiahp are brought together for maximum effectiveness.