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Grandmaster Choi Announces New Kimoodo Requirements

Gradnmaster Choi is set to start teaching new, high level requirements for advanced Kimoodo belts. Master Choi announced that the traditional "Mooshim In" (continuous movement in four directions) will be renamed "Mooshim In B" and a new "Mooshim In A" (continuous movement in one direction) will be added to some of the earlier belts.

Senior Responsibility

Grandmaster Young Pyo Choi defines as part of his philosophy that "as we develop our spirit and character, we can share this strength with others". As part of the OMAC pledge, seniors are taught "to share their strength and wisdom to help others" and "to use my strength and wisdom to bring peace and harmony".

Instructor Guidelines

Anyone, at any age, may be called upon to be a teacher and leader. Leadership and instruction are not a function of age or of rank, they are a function of character and of specific knowledge. Although our school may use titles such as teacher or instructor at certain belt ranks, one does not need to be a black belt in order to be a good instructor, and not all black belts are good instructors. From our first class as a white belt, we are given many opportunities to teach and develop leadership skills.

Free Assault Resistance Training/Women's Self Defense

This past Saturday morning was cold and blustery. There was threat in the air -- the threat of an icy winter storm. Inside the "Oriental Martial Arts College": dojang on Brice Rd. in Reynoldsburg, more than thirty women gathered to learn how to combat a very different kind of threat -- the threat of physical assault by an attacker. These women had braved the weather to attend the first of a six class series of Assault Resistance Training (ART) taught by Sr. Grandmaster Joon Pyo Choi, Sr.

ART: To Resist or Not - Is There a Choice?

The recent acts of aggression towards women by the Northwest Serial Rapist are a striking example of the personal danger in which unsuspecting women may find themselves. Domestic assault, robbery, mugging, and date rape are also far too common. Most women feel it will never happen to them and other women feel they will deal with it if it happens. Fortunately, with a little training and increased awareness, you can take control of your own safety.

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